Less work, more results!
Media growth like never before.

Introducing PulseX, the ai-powered web app that helps you accelerate your brand presence on social media driving higher engagement with your business. This web app is an easy to use all-in-one solution to generate quality content, written copy, & automate your entire workflow with just a few clicks!

PulseX Capabilities

Just imagine having a full time, on-demand social media manager, content creator, and copywriter on your team who all work overtime for free! PulseX allows you to gain more and work less. With the an intuitive, easy to use dashboard, any staff can harness the capability of a media pro in no time!


Automate, not outsource. Keep it simple or build out elaborate workflows that can connect to tons of apps we use today.

Design & Edit

The fastest, easiest way to create pro-quality videos. Discover templates for any use case. Customize branded templates with a simple drag-drop-replace action.

Copy & Content Generator

Don't have time to produce original content? Create videos from plain text in minutes. With the power of artificial intelligence eliminate bottlenecks and spark ideas with a text prompt! 

Attention to detail

Many developers cringe at the thought of pixel perfection. Not us, we live and breath pixels and understand the effort it takes to make a website beautiful.

No headaches

Gone are the days of going back and forth with developers when reviewing the design. We get it right the first time, which saves you time and headaches.

Fast execution

As highly experienced Webflow developers we’re able to build your website within 2-4 weeks depending on the complexity of the design.

Easy and reliable

Just as important as our code quality, we care about design details, communication, timelines and project management.

Everything you need all in one workflow

Everything in one place

Select a template, upload images, videos, and publish to social

Get internal team approval

Add your team and collaborate on your video

Remove Video Backgrounds

Instantly remove the background from any video. Just click. Cut. Done. Goodbye rotoscoping.

Paint Out Objects

A mind-bending tool that lets you remove any object from any video with just a few simple brush strokes. Really.

Motion Tracking

Track the movement of any object in any video. With just one click.

The Power of AI

Watch as ai produces copy at 10x human output. With PulseX you'll have the ability to brainstorm new ideas, generate copy, blogs, articles, book summaries, or give it prompt and set it on auto-pilot to generate your next 100 tweets and post direct to your Twitter!


Can't believe it? Test these demo prompts for yourself!
Click into the "Tell us about yourself" message box and write a few things about yourself. Next, select the tone of voice you want your bio written in and hit the "Generate" button.

Create. Transcribe. Schedule. Publish.

The central media hub every company wish they had! Easily create content, manage schedule, generate ideas, and PulseX will help you automate the entire process! 

Content Distribution

Create Once, Publish Everywhere

Harness the ability to be Omnipresent on social media and increase chances of viral post with autogenerated short form content. Easily upload your long format content like a podcast and turn it into 10+ short from media clips. These clips are automatically generated & repurposed for each media platform you select.


Why PulseX?

  1. The cost of NOT investing in this far exceeds the investment in the short term and negatively compounds in the longterm. By not developing this internal app you nearly waste $250,000 each year in agency fees and external hires to have a similar output.
    California avg Salary by position according to Quickbooks Accounting:
    Media Manager ($60,000)
    Content Creator ($32,000 - $85,000)
    Copywriter ($48,000 - $100,000+)
  2. In the First year you gain 2x - 5x return on investment in capability.
  3. An all encompassing media growth app tool like this doesn’t exist yet! Most apps either focus on automation or, content creation but not both.
    PulseX utilizes the latest software & technology, harnessing the power of 20+ media growth apps in unison.
  4. A simplified way to look at PulseX and what it offers:

    Advertising : Where you can create, publish or manage creative content to generate more attention.

    Management : Your presence on social media and interactions with those media accounts.

    Insight : Small units of truth to help make better social media decisions.

    Automation : A simple way for the tools & resources ^above to connect & communicate asynchronously.

Unlock media superpowers and unleash your flow.

What solution is going to make your life easier?

Toggle between start date to see timeline impact

Current Estimated Timeline: 4 to 8 weeks

Base X
The Automated Solution
Take advantage of automation and eliminate time-wasting tasks from being charged for extra media post requests. Get real-time, on-demand posting from one hub or schedule plan out a months worth of content with ease
$50k USD
Pulse Automation
Pulse Templates
Monitor & Track performance
Ai Copy Generator
Ai  Audio & Video Pro-Edit
Ai Content Generation
Omnipresence - Ability to upload long format video.
ex: Upload podcast and ai will auto edit clips automatically. Generate 10+ short form clips for socials repurposed based on platform.
Amp X
The Growth Solution
Get the ‘BaseX’ automation + ai copy generation. Alleviate stress and extra costs of hiring outside expertise and create custom quality content with a few clicks.
$150k USD
Pulse Automation
Pulse Templates
Monitor & Track performance
Ai Copy Generator
Ai  Audio & Video Pro-Edit
Ai Content Generation
Omnipresence - Ability to upload long format video.
ex: Upload podcast and ai will auto edit clips automatically. Generate 10+ short form clips for socials repurposed based on platform.
Pulse X
The Game Changing Solution
Compound media capabilities without a full marketing staff. With ‘BaseX’ + ‘AmpX’ anyone on the team can execute pro-caliber work with little to no media knowledge and grow your audience faster than ever before. 
$250k USD
Pulse Automation
Pulse Templates
Monitor & Track performance
Ai Copy Generator
Ai  Audio & Video Pro-Edit
Ai Content Generation
Omnipresence - Ability to upload long format video.
ex: Upload podcast and ai will auto edit clips automatically. Generate 10+ short form clips for socials repurposed based on platform.

Frequently asked questions

What questions do you have for us?

What if we have media posts that need to be generated with a quick turnaround time?

You can post can generate content or simply upload your content and post on-demand. You can also plan and schedule out posts and monitor them all through the dashboard.

Can we post to multiple platforms?

Yes! Automate posts to facebook, linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, and more! 

Will we be charged for any bugs and/or maintenance? 

Nope. Any necessary bug fixes or updates pertaining to this application will be free.

Can we add more template designs later?


Is it really that intuitive and easy to use?


What other capabilities does this app have? Can we add more automated functions later?

With an ai-powered dashboard capabilities become endless.

Whats the difference between this PulseX and hiring a media manager or using other automated scheduler?

There are 3 key differences;

1. The use of powerful ai to auto generate creative content. Most platforms don't offer built in solutions that can help auto generate all your captions, creative writing, and media posts.

2. The dashboard is tailored to your company's needs from a workflow and design standpoint.

3. Editing software that most SMM platforms just don't have built in.

Will the auto generated content have our branding styles?

Yes! Using prebuilt templates, you're able to generate sleek branded background frames, that help your photo, video, or reel standout. - With ai, you can also generate unique variations of social assets.

What if any are monthly/annual subscription fees?

This is highly dependent on package selected. This can range from 150 to $500 mainly to access and utilize these resources capacity.   

Why doesn't a tool like this already exist yet?

OpenAI (the ai company who invented the code) only released access to their software for just a few weeks back. The access to this information allows engineers and developers to build what will become some of the most impressive applications over the next decade. The power of artificial intelligence is finally here, and not using it a tool will ultimately take out most businesses and replace thousands of jobs.

Do you provide tutorials?

Yes. Upon completion the team will receive walkthrough videos as a resource.

Can multiple team members have access?

Yes, multiple members are able to log in, and manage the media board.

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Growth Rate

Measure what Matters

See what’s working and what’s not to create better content and messaging.


Plan out Campaigns

Schedule your social media posts so that you can focus on other things.


Autopublish to multiple platforms

Skip to important comments with the help of labels and hotkeys.

4. Automation

Autopublish to multiple platforms

Track the growth of your reach, engagement, and following


Disruptive brands don’t just lean into change - they lead change. They stay relevant by being brave enough to attach themselves to relevance. We help those great companies deliver the most impactful marketing in a rapidly changing environment.


The world is becoming increasingly complex. Having the right strategy to navigate your choices is a critical foundation for business success. We provide strategic consulting services to support great companies to build their brand, drive growth and ultimately increase their value.


The evolution of technology is growing rapidly! With the recent releases AI technology, staying ahead is impossible. We help businesses incorporate the latest tech to increase their exposure, consolidate effort, and sleep better knowing that a trusted firm is staying on top of the tech revolution!

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